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Krysalis/Recovery Expressions will be closing on October 31st, 2021.  We will not be accepting any orders after that date. 


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Specialty Recovery Medallions and Chips | FREE ENGRAVING
Flat Rate Shipping $3.99 per Order. FREE SHIPPING for Orders $50 or Over!

Chips & Medallions for AA, NA, Al Anon, & OA | FREE ENGRAVING
Flat Rate Shipping $3.99 per Order! FREE SHIPPING for Orders $50 or Over!

AA Medallions: Celebrate Your Achievement

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. For those of us in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction, we understand what it takes for those first few steps. In the early days, every day is a reminder. Our recovery and AA medallions exist to remind us how far we’ve come.

Carrying a memento of our dedication to a better life can give us additional strength- especially in rough patches. That’s what AA medallions were initially intended for. In fact, old timers used to tell people suffering from cravings that they were free to have a drink if they were able to bite through their sobriety chip. In those days, sobriety was marked with poker chips, but we offer an array of beautiful coins and medallions to help celebrate the milestones of recovery. 

Engraved AA Medallions

Staying clean for an extended period of time is no easy feat.  It's a huge accomplishment.  We're here to help you celebrate that accomplishment with customized or engraved AA medallions, AA coins and NA medallions that are perfect for presentations and gifts. 

We provide recovery medallions and related products. Our strength lies in the fact that we engrave many of the medallions and our customer service is excellent. We ship most products within 36 hours for those products we have in stock. We are delighted you have chosen to visit our web site and hope you find products that you like.

Let the people you care about know it. Help them celebrate recovery with AA medallion or NA medallions from Recovery Expressions today. 

engraved AA chips, AA medallions

AA Chips, Coins and Sobriety Chips From Recovery Expressions

Regardless if you're in recovery from a chemical addiction, a co-addiction or a behavioral or process addiction, your recovery is a priceless gift. It's a familiar cliche around the rooms, but it's often said, that "My worst day sober beats my best day using". Every day clean and sober is another win and worthy of a healthy celebration.

For decades now, Recovery Expressions has been the premier provider of AA medallions, AA/NA chips, sobriety chips from other 12-step programs, recovery gifts and more. We started our business once we got into recovery as part of our service work, but more so, because we wanted to be a small part of every recoverying person's celebration. Our sobriety gifts have been part of thousands of meetings across the country.

Help your loved one celebrate another day of recovery with an engraved AA medallion or some other form of sobriety gift. Let Recovery Expressions help. Order today.

About us

Every member of the Recovery Expressions staff is in recovery and has been for a considerable period of time. This is not just a business for us, it is service work. That's why all the AA chips, engraved AA medallions and sobriety chips we sell come from our compassion for the recovering community. 

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