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NA Purple Tri-plate


The NA Purple Tri-Plate is the other piece de resistance of NA medallions. (I know, it seems somehow wrong to have two, but what the heck.) the NA Purple Tri-plate is not for everyone. It might be for the NA member who already has all the key tags and regular medallions he or she needs. Or it may be for the NA member who has achieved a difficult goal. Or it may just be for your favorite NA person - a sponsor, a friend or someone else important to your recovery. Whatever the reason, giving the NA Purple Tri-Plate shouts to the recipient, "You are a special person."

Emblazoned on the back of the medallion are the familiar NA phrases " That no addict seeking recovery need ever die" and " My gratitude speaks when I care and when I share with others the NA way." The NA Purple Tri-Plate displays the number or years clean on the front in the traditional and usually preferred roman numerals.

NA has discontinued the NA Purple Tri-Plate so the only ones still available are the years listed in the "Number of years clean" drop down box.

By the way, the background on the NA Purple Purple Tri-Plate is really black, although the photo looks a little greenish. Also the red tint on the lower diagnal lines is a product of the camera and not on the medallions. What do you expect? I am not a photographer. But you have to admit they are gorgeous.

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