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Scenic AA Birthday Cards


How many times have you looked for AA Birthday or Anniversary cards in the card shop for that special person celebrating his or her AA Birthday and couln't find one? Trying to match those natal birthday messages with what you really wanted to say to the AA birthday celebrant is really a challenge.

We decided to solve this problem for you by offering birthday cards especially designed for AA Birhdays and Anniversaries. The front of all of these cards come with the number of years sober, the serenity prayer and various nature scenes as backgrounds. The backgrounds vary with the number of years of sobriety.

Inside the card is printed "Easy Does It", "Keep Coming Back", "One Day at a Time", "Congratulations", and "xx Years Sober."

To select the card you want just click on the number of years you need in the "Number of Years Sober" drop down box. We have typically had years 1 through 35 available for immediate shipping. However, we no longer have a reliable supplier so we do not have all the years available all the time. We have currently on hand only what is shown in the drop down box. Sorry for the inconvenience. All is not lost, however, if we don't have the number of years sober in this style card we do have it in both of the other birthday card styles. Check it out!

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    Every member of the Recovery Expressions staff is in recovery and has been for a considerable period of time. This is not just a business for us, it is service work. That's why all the AA chips, engraved AA medallions and sobriety chips we sell come from our compassion for the recovering community. 

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