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Traditional AA Birthday Card


If you are a traditionalist or if you would like your AA birthday card to reflect the same sentiments as you find on your anniversary medallions, the Anniversary AA Birthday Card is your best choice. As you can see from the picture the front displays the traditional slogans of "One day at a Time", "To Thine Own Self Be True", and "Unity, Service, and Recovery" The message inside is "...Nothing succeeds liked persistence CONGRATS!

This style is available in all numbers of years sober through 70. That usually covers it. Just click on the "Number of Years Sober" drop down box to select the one you want. By the way, you can also order cards with no number of years sober. Just select the "0" number of years in the drop down box.

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    Every member of the Recovery Expressions staff is in recovery and has been for a considerable period of time. This is not just a business for us, it is service work. That's why all the AA chips, engraved AA medallions and sobriety chips we sell come from our compassion for the recovering community. 

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